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Thu. 26.03.2020
update 25.03.20 17:41 (Claudia Riedl - translated by Jeffrey McCabe)

Favourable avalanche situation continues



Low danger due to sporadic glide-snow avalanches below 2500 m which can grow to medium size. In exposed high altitude terrain, small avalanche prone locations due to small but trigger-sensitive snowdrifts on steep ridgeline slopes.

Avalanche Danger

Covid-19 notice: The Salzburg Avalanche Bulletin will continue to be published in the covid-19 situation so that fundamental information will enable residents to better evaluate potential dangers to infrastructure and settlements. For purposes of accident prevention, we urge the public to exercise responsible, defensive behaviour so that rescue and health services are not unnecessarily burdened by accidents.

Avalanche danger is generally LOW.

There are 2 problems threatening.
1. Isolated naturally triggered glide-snow avalanches at 1800-2500 m, occurring primarily on sunny, smooth, extremely steep slopes, especially in the Tauern. Releases can reach medium size.
2. Small avalanche prone locations at high altitudes due to fresh, shallow snowdrifts particularly on west and north-facing steep ridgeline slopes. There, trigging a small slab avalanche is possible even by minimum additional loading. Caution: risks of falling.

Snow Layering

The small amount of fresh snow from the last few days was and still is being transported in exposed high alpine zones (E/NE winds on Wednesday, S/SE on Thursday) though the dry air sublimates the snow to some extent. The old snow on sunny slopes is much moistened up to over 2000 m and superficially encrusted. At intermediate altitudes the reserves of cold are low, but the current temperatures are lending the snowpack higher firmness temporarily.

Alpine Weather Forecast (ZAMG Salzburg)

Skies on Wednesday night will be slightly cloudy. In Lungau and on the Main Alpine Ridge, dense clouds will persist, some snowfall is possible.
On Thursday, Lungau Nockberge and higher Tauern peaks will be shrouded in clouds, some light intermittent snowfall is possible. In the other ranges, some sunshine and much better visibility. Brisk to strong SE winds will be blowing. Temperatures at 2000 m: between -7 and -3 degrees; at 3000 m: -7 degrees.
On Friday, visibility in the Tauern and Lungau Nockberge will still be impeded by fog and light snowfall in the morning. In the other ranges, sunshine will dominate, with good visibility. Brisk to strong SE winds will prevail. Temperatures at 2000 m between -3 and +2 degrees; at 3000 m: -4 degrees.

Short Term Development

Little change to begin with.

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