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Mountain rescue tips: Equipment
The right equipment can save your life in serious situations. Make sure you wear good quality hiking shoes; they will ensure a secure tread. Hiking is likely to make you sweat, once you get to the top of the mountain and stop moving, you will get cold very easily. We recommend wearing light and breathable layered clothing. An extra set of clothes to change into and wind/waterproof warm jackets should be in your backpack. Make sure you keep yourself hydrated. Bring tea, water and/or fruit juices. As a snack bring whole wheat bread, nuts or a muesli bar.


Mountan rescue tips: Equipment
In the mountains the weathe can change very quickly, it can become foggy in a very short period of time. Especially when on long, high alpin tours a skilled, confident use of maps, compass and altimeter is essential. NEVER forget to bring a fully charged mobile phone, even though you won´t have a signal in some areas. In the case of emergency you should always bring a head torch, a small whistle, a bivouac bag and a first aid kit. By following these few instructions you will be kitted out perfectly.
Always remember: Even the best equipment can never substitute appropriate caution, good stamina and vigilant behavior!

ZAMG: Storm tips
When a mountan thunderstorm rolls in, it is absolutely necessary to avoid summit areas, crests and ridges. Paths secured by steel cables should alo be avoided.



Emergency number 112

  • other emergency numbers:
    Ambulance: 144
    Fire Brigade: 122
    Police: 133
    Mountain Rescue: 140
    Medical Emergency Service: 141

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