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Daily Avalanche Bulletin

Cold fresh snow (5-15 cm), new small snowdrift patches near ridgelines 19.01.2020

The stable old snowpack has received a cold layer of powder (5-15 cm, up to 20 cm in Northern Alps and Hohe Tauern) on top of it. In steep ridgeline terrain, fresh and thin snowdrifts have accumulated. The danger of falling and being swept along outweighs the risks of being buried in snow masses (slides and small avalanches possible). As a result of sunshine, small loosely-packed avalanches (with powder cloud) are possible in rocky terrain.
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Mountain Rescue: Mountain Rescue supporting members are insured!

All supporting members of the Mountain Rescue (donations of min. 28 euros annually) are covered by the Mountain Rescue’s insurance as part of their running costs – for you and your family or companion. This offer includes ski-slope and airlift rescue and is valid WORLDWIDE.


FIS Ski Slope Rules
The FIS Rules provide the standards of sporting conduct for all responsible and considerate skiers and snowboarders. The aim is to avoid accidents on skiing and snowboarding descents.

Every skier and snowboarder is obligated to know them and heed them.

Dates:  Backcountry ski touring teaching trail in Salzburger Land

In Faistenau in the province of Salzburg visitors can get to know backcountry ski touring on a teaching trail. 

Start is at the parking lot in Keflau am Streitberg. From there, backcountry skiers ascend more than 650 meters of altitude to the Loibersbacher Höhe in 2.5 - 3 hrs. Along the way, seven display boards provide information, advice and tips on techniques, terrain and safety.



Emergency number 112

  • other emergency numbers:
    Ambulance: 144
    Fire Brigade: 122
    Police: 133
    Mountain Rescue: 140
    Medical Emergency Service: 141